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Spotify 'could end free listening next year.'


Spotify 'could end free listening next year.'



Spotify may be forced to put a limit on free streaming in the new year.




The move would mean users who want to continue listening to music would have to upgrade to a paid account.


According to the website Hits Daily Double, Spotify's deals with rights holders are ending in 2015, which could force the music streamer to try and convert more users into paying customers, rather than allowing them unlimited access to the basic free service.


Apparently, the capping proposal could become a strong bargaining chip when negotiating new deals, allowing Spotify to continue to operate in an increasingly competitive market.


Thoughts on this? How would it affect you? Are you a free user who'd upgrade, or would you go elsewhere for your music?


It wouldn't make any difference to me as a premium user for a number of years, but I'm interested in the opinions of others.


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Re: Spotify 'could end free listening next year.'

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I'm a free spotify user (1)


when I couldn't use that any more, I'd just use again more youtube or the web player (2)

or one of the other many sites that scrobble to (3)


In the end:

spotify doesn't have that good of stats 😞

I admit having that many albums is tempting, but in the end: it hurts your musical diversity, since one tempts to play more albums


(1) I just joined recently (3 months) from (where I am >4 years)



Re: Spotify 'could end free listening next year.'

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I don't believe it...


Poor information...

Betreff: Spotify 'could end free listening next year.'


At the moment there are too many competitors offering free streaming like Deezer, Rdio and YouTube with its new free Music offering (not counting illegal/non-paying royalties ones), so I don't think that Spotify will go that route in 2015. On the other hand they need to become profitable at some point in the future, as their business model still is to turn as many free users into subscribers as fast as they can. Microsoft has already backed off from offering free streaming in the Xbox Music web player since Dec 1st, 2014.


Concerning the possible connections between and Spotify it would be a pity though, because it works really well at the moment using all available apps and tools. But there are playlist converters to other streaming providers, so it is just another step if someone wants to move his library elsewhere.

Re: Spotify 'could end free listening next year.'

Casual Listener

I'd love to be a paying member, unfortunately however there still isn't a Spotify app available on the Windows Store. Until then, I'm not getting a paid membership.

Re: Spotify 'could end free listening next year.'

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There isn't an official app, but there are apps who let you listen to your music.