[Story] Haunting sound...


[Story] Haunting sound...

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Do you ever had a sound or a song haunting you ?


At the beginning of the 80s, around 1981, I was hosting a show in a local radio station. Beside playing  music, as any radio, I had time to time, to interview some raising artists.


As background music during these interviews, I used to have the instrumental part of a track from the second LP of a rather underground British band from Manchester, led by guitarist Vini Reilly, The Durutti Column.


The sound of this band has always been fascinating for me with its perfect combination of guitar effects.


Since then, through this song, this sound is haunting me.




If you also you have a song, a sound, haunting you, feel free to share its story with us.





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Re: [Story] Haunting sound...


Here's a Duran Duran song that has a haunting, but beautiful sound.

No idea what the lyrics mean though