String Quartet heard on the radio


String Quartet heard on the radio

Gig Goer

Hey guys! I'm here because I'm looking for a piece of music I heard a lot of years ago when I was I attended secondary school. When I had my left leg broken, I passed my time sleeping, listening to music (above all opera) and listening to the radio. To put me to sleep, I use to listen to a program who broadcasted classical music, contemporary one, very weird stuff from XIX Century composers such as Luigi Nono and Luciano Berio (I also remember that this program broadcasted a really weird opera called 'Chat' which I listened to almost in its entirety and I said it is really really good, although I've never been a big fan of modern operas, to be honest 😢). But I'm here because I have the strong memory of a broadcast of a composition for String Quartet by Paul McCartney. I can't remember the name of this thing, but I remember this composition because it was really cool. I looked for this musical thing on the Spotify app, but I couldn't find it. So, here I am: if you could help, it will be very appreciated. Thank you very very much indeed, my friends 👍