The Who - Live


The Who - Live


Hi, does anyone have an idea about where the live album by The Who is recorded? It just says The Who - Live. Believe me, I've googled for a long time. The publisher of the album is something called Discos Cada, and the ASIN number is: B007FQK0G6


Here's the HTTP link to the album on Spotify: The Who – Live


This is quite the mystery for me, as there nothing about where the album is recorded anywhere. I can imagine it to be from 1969-71 as it has mostly the same setlist as the Isle of Wight, Hull and Leeds performances, but missing a few songs. I can hear Daltrey missing some of the text in "1951" on the unidentified album, while none of the other live albums that I've heard has that little error. Pete Townshend added the lyrics 'you're here' in the beginning of "Tommy's Holiday Camp" on the Isle of Wight in 1970, which I think bears the most resemblance to the mystical album.

One can also quite clearly that the audio isn't exactly remastered, so it is some kind of unofficial publishing by Discos Cada.


Can anyone help me solving this little mystery?

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According to an eagle-eared iTunes reviewer...

"it's... a radio broadcast that went public domain."

A little further digging reveals that it's most likely a version of an Amsterdam 1969 live recording.

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