The first Thrift shop song on spotify


The first Thrift shop song on spotify

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The first Thrift shop song you could listen to on spotify was not with macklemore it had a red album cover with just "thrift shop" on it. It got substituted with "Thrift shop - Thrift shop". Do anyone know who was the artist and were I can find it? Listen to it?

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Re: The first Thrift shop song on spotify

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Hey Kristian 🙂 


Unfortunately songs get "relinked" like this when the original track is removed from the service for whatever reason, normally down to the record labels or whoever owns the tracks. 


Do you have the track in a playlist or anything? 


The easiest thing I can think to do is search for "Thrift Shop" in Spotify, then click on "See All" on the album listings which appear at the top and have a quick scroll through to see if you can recognise the cover anywhere. 



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