This is: Suggestions


This is: Suggestions

Casual Listener

Hey guys,


I recently discovered a lack of some major and some minor Rock-"This is:" playlists.


Now, I thought of starting a thread with suggestions for the curators to add those, sometimes rather specific, "This is:"-Playlists:


This is: Rainbow

This is: Alan Parsons

This is: Golden Earring

This is: Aerosmith

This is: Stanfour

This is: Blue Oyster Cult

This is: Emerson, Lake & Palmer

This is: Uriah Heep

This is: Yes

This is: Jethro Tull

This is: Dixie Dregs

This is: Jefferson Airplane

This is: The Grateful Dead

This is: Barclay James Harvest

This is: Procol Harum


Hopefully, we will be able to enjoy some awesome curated Playlists for those artists too.




EDIT: So far things going quite well as many of my suggestions were probably read and added! 🙂 Awesome!