Three Artists with the Same Name


Three Artists with the Same Name


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I opened up Spotify today and was excited to see a notice of a new song by "Steve Taylor". Steve Taylor was a controversial and very unique Christian musician who released several albums from the late 80s and early 90s. Although he hasn't released new music in a while, he is still active, recently releasing a movie and helping to write/produce music for other artists.


A quick listen made me realize that it was not in fact the same Steve Taylor. Further investigation shows that there seem to be three different artists named Steve Taylor all merged into one on Spotify:


Steve Taylor (Christian musician) - everything up through 1994's [i]On The Fritz[/i]


Steve Taylor #2 ( - up through [i]I've Dreamed of you[/i] as well as both of the "Rock vol. ..." albums


Steve Taylor #3 ( - [i]No Problem[/i] album and the new "Maritime Y" song.

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You can report any content errors/issues such as these directly to the Spotify content team using the instructions outlined in this topic. Once you have submitted a query, the content team will investigate and then pass any needed details over to the record label to request a correction/change if needed (so it can take some time unfortunately!). 


This issue stems a little deeper than just multiple artists on the same page. Spotify currently does not have a way in the clients to separate artists with the same name, meaning anytime this happens the artists get merged onto a single page. There is a discussion about it over on the Ideas Exchange here



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Re: Three Artists with the Same Name


I too was thrown off by this while searching through the google play store.  The album No Problem by Steve Taylor was included as part of those by the CCM artist.  The picture on the cover clearly wasn't him, but I still wasn't sure.  My checking led me to your post.