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Tinie Tempah - Demonstration

Tinie Tempah - Demonstration (His newest album)


His album officially came out in the United States on November 18 and it has not been added to Spotify for listening. Been waiting to hear this album for a while and it's finally out. I see, for some reason, it may be available in other counties. Any idea when it may be available in the US? I am paying for premium and I have no idea why Eminem and M.I.A. would release on Spotify, but not Tinie Tempah.



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Re: Tinie Tempah - Demonstration

Having a look at the metadata that album is currently only available in Europe it seems. 


Unfortunately, its normally out of Spotify's control when content doesn't get added - annoyingly you will find big named artists do withhold content from streaming services in some markets to push up album sales. 

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