Top 3 songs of the year


Top 3 songs of the year

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What are your top 3 songs of the year?

I really love music and my favourite music is mostly R&B.

My top 3  (no particular order):

~This Way - Khalid, H.E.R.
~Wasted Times - The Weeknd

~000000 - A.CHAL

If you're still reading, ... Do you think that the music industry was saved by Spotify?

Would love to hear all your answers!

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Re: Top 3 songs of the year


Hello kimmydesmidt,

the top 3 songs for me this year would be:

1) Saturday Nights - Khalid

2) Moonlight - XXXTENTACION

3) Lucid Dreams - Juice WRLD


I would definitely agree with you that Wasted Times is a great song.

About the second question, I think that most music artists make a decent amount of money which to some extent has saved their careers. 


Re: Top 3 songs of the year

Music Fan

Top 3. No order


Lost Boy - The midnight

Forgivness - Solar fields
A Terror Way Beyond Falling - Milo


Re: Top 3 songs of the year


How on earth am I meant to limit this to three?


I guess I'll go with

1. "Icarus" by Dan Owen 

2. "Fire and Ice" by Andrew Swift and Catherine Britt

3. "Finesse (Remix)" by Bruno Mars and Cardi B or "Healing Hands"
 by Conrad Sewell


Honestly this would probably be different tomorrow but man alive there are soo many songs that are just as worthy,