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Music Lover
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Registered: ‎27-02-2012

Tracks not playing?

Anyone else having trouble at the moment?  My connection's fine but Spotify keeps stopping with message "can't play the current track" I try a completely new album / track and the same thing happens - I've checked and I've paid my account!

Music Fan
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Registered: ‎27-02-2012

Re: Tracks not playing?

Yes, but I have no error message. It's just nothing is playing. I've just reinstalled and there is still a problem.

Music Lover
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎27-02-2012

Re: Tracks not playing?

hmmm. think refunds are due ;o)
Spotify Legend
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Registered: ‎19-01-2012

Re: Tracks not playing?

Are tracks still not playing for you guys?
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Registered: ‎09-06-2012

Re: Tracks not playing?

Ye... I have had this problem for a while now. Many of the tracks I have wont play and I don't know why, IM not getting any error messages ether.

At first I thought that I could only play songs that I could by on spottily but I figured out that I could whit some. Then I started to wondering if I couldn't play music that I already had on my computer, like the music library on my computer cutout communicate whit the one on spottily. However, the spottily plaits on my phone works perfectly find and can play any music track =S

btw. After I updated my computer, all the songs on my spottily disappear, so I had to add them back to my star list, and a few moments later they came back but now I have two of almost every song on the list =(

Casual Listener
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Registered: ‎01-08-2012

Re: Tracks not playing?

I also get this message, alot.


But only happens when I play alot of diffrent songs in a short time.

So if I listen to a song, 2-3 secounds, and then switch to another, nothing happens. It just dosen't play.

After clicking awhile on other songs the same thing happen.


But if I then wait ~30sec-1min I can start play songs again, but if I start jumping from song to song again the problem is there in a second.



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