Unable to find the song that I want


Unable to find the song that I want

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Will Spotify put the song that I want that I am unable to find?

I understand that English songs is easy to find but I signed up Spotify because of the Chinese songs.

I have a couple of songs that I wish to listen to but not able to find it, even after various ways.

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Re: Unable to find the song that I want

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you have to wait. there are about 24 millions of songs and every day the number grows of about 20.000 songs.

wait and you will find your song surely!

have a nice day!


Re: Unable to find the song that I want

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I'm sorry to hear that you cannot find the songs of which you want to listen to though this product. Please note that new music is being added all the time. But please note, that it does take time to get new music on. The artist/record label might not want to put their music on Spotify as some people don't like Spotify. Maybe you should try and contact this said artist(s) and see if they can create an agreement with Spotify.

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