Weekly Discovery Playlist


Weekly Discovery Playlist

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I just came across the new Weekly Discovery Playlist I saw announced yesterday. I was surprised at how soon after the annoucement this appeared, since things announced months ago such as podcasts etc have yet to appear. On the whole the playlist I got had some good stuff in it. Here it is, feel free to follow it



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Hello :)

well the communtiy rock stars and staff have this feature for a while now :D. so the spotify team had to unblock this for all other poeple which should be done with a few clicks :D. 



thanks for submitting your playlist :)

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Re: Weekly Discovery Playlist


Hi... I've had spotify premium for over a year now. Why isn't my discovery weekly playlist showing up? is there a setting I have to change on my end?

Re: Weekly Discovery Playlist


I love the idea of the Discover Weekly playlist, and it's pretty spot on.


The only issue I have is that I listen to my "Mellow Yellow" playlist during bed every night. I do love some nice acoustic folk/indie music during bed time, my daytime listening is a little different.


Because of the amount of time spent listening to acoustic, I have found that it heavily dictates what my Discover Weekly playlist chooses for me. It's nearly all acoustic. Although I have found some great new tunes to add to my bedtime playlist, I am not finding much new to use for work.

My Discover Weekly Playlist by Spotify


Looks like the Spotify algorythm is getting better when suggesting songs. The new Discover Weekly playlist that automatically loaded into my spotify seems to list a lot of great suggestions? 



Re: Weekly Discovery Playlist




Since today (31/07/2015) I have the weekly discover playlist on my iPad. I believe that this feature is also availlable for everyone.