What genre are these songs?


What genre are these songs?




Hi all,


I am for the life of me trying to know the genre(s) of these songs... as specifically as possible. Some key elements are the rhythm (I don't know time measures, but I think some of them are comparable), the vocals "bah da bah," "boh-wah-boh-wey-yah" (male and female), and the instruments (smooth-jazzy, Bossa Nova?).


Specifically: What genre is "High Brow Country Affair" by Keiko Matsui? What genres are the Steely Dan songs? 


What genre(s) are the Pat Metheny Group songs? (I've read online, "mood jazz.")


And the other songs?


I really want to add more music of the same (or as similar as possible) genre to this playlist. Love it.


Feel free to ask any questions for clarification.


Thanks so much!


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Re: What genre are these songs?

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Steely Dan is a rather easy one to figure out, as the music has been around for decades now. It is considered Rock / Jazz Rock Fusion / Soft Rock. Steely Dan, and few other bands within the Progressive Rock styles of music, those bands used Jazz Fusion / Classical Music Forms / and Blues into Progressive Rock music during the 70's era, even some bands like early Pink Floyd, and even the Doors from the 60's era of music, made use of Jazz / Blues musical standards in their improvisational live sets in their early days.



Even the famous Black Sabbath in their early years played early live shows centered around Blues and Jazz music, the reason Sabbath's debut and even their Sophomore release Paranoid, these releases ended up being looked upon at the time as a rather lame attempt of a Cream knock off band at the time. As Cream by then had broken up by 1969. But the music style brought about by Cream, this had been such a powerful motive and sound influence direction for allot of blues rock centered bands at the time.


The best thing to do is to check out the Related Artists that are listed to the top right hand just above the Album listings, basing this off of using the Spotify desktop apps. As other bands / artists of similar styles and tastes usually fit, not always but for the most part this works out this way well enough.




Re: What genre are these songs?


Keiko Matsui would be considered Jazz, Jazz Fussion.

Pat Metheny - Jazz, Experimental music, Jazz Fushion.

Both are great artists!


When I want to relax I listen to a lot of smooth jazz. If you want any recommendations, just ask.


Steely Dan one of my favorite bands plays rock,  soft rock and jazz rock!