What genre would this be?


What genre would this be?


Hey, I was always wondering what genre I should look for. Maybe someone can help me. Its about electronic music, but I have no clue which genre I could assign my taste to.


I hope someone can help me. I will just post some songs and hopefully someone can tell me what genre those songs would be.


1st: --> You - Tiesto vs. Twoloud Radio Edit (especially that part at 2:45 -- goosebumps everytime! 🙂 )

2nd --> Kill the Noise (Dillion Francis Remix)

3rd --> TheFatRat - Never Be Alone

4th --> Tristam, Braken - Frame Of Mind

5th --> Kasbo - Visible

6th --> The Noisy Freaks - Selection


I hope thats enough. I wonder if anyone could tell me, what I should look for to find more music like that. Maybe genre or artists.


Thanks very much 🙂