What's your first live encounter with a band/DJ/Singer


What's your first live encounter with a band/DJ/Singer



I'm curious about your first encounter with a DJ/Band or Singer.

Mine .. I remember it like it was only a few days ago.
I'm a big fan of Tiesto. And in 2010 he was also the first DJ I saw live. 
I was 15 and it  was Queensday ( A national celebration day for the queen in the Netherlands )
His set and the show overall had such a impact on me, it was my first live encounter and I will never forget it ! 


So now it's your turn ! Tell your story about the first live event you've encountered. And if there is a video of this event put it in your post.

- Jordy

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Re: What's your first live encounter with a band/DJ/Singer

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I like this thread!


I'm pretty sure the first gig I ever went to was Hundred Reasons in Cambridge, UK. From a quick google looks to have been back in 2002.

It was the first night of their first headlining tour, so they were probably as excited as I was for it. I still think Ideas Above Our Station is a great album, probably mostly because I associate it with that gig.


Pretty sure they played this as the last track of the night: 

Re: What's your first live encounter with a band/DJ/Singer

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Lets see my first big impression at a live show was in 1986 at an Armored Saint concert who were supporting Saxon on tour in the States. This was a time when it was possible to get up close and personal to performing bands. I hopped on stage and head banged and rock out with the then but now is the late Guitarist David Prichard while he was shredding away playing live. I remember it vividly as if it was just yesterday. My next big impression was at my first big Metal show in 87 where I went to see Iron Maiden live the first time. With their fantastic large stage show and fantastic musical abilities the show blew me away.



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Re: What's your first live encounter with a band/DJ/Singer

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My first gig was The Goo Goo Dolls with Third Eye Blind supporing (hello 90s). 


Pretty sure it was in Atlanta, GA which was a very long 3 hr drive away. I was crazy about Dizzy Up The Girl when it came out that opened up the gate for me as far as discovering new music and going to any live show I could get to in South Carolina. And Third Eye Blind were equally brilliant live. I actually saw them again at a New York Mets game last year #nostalgia.