When Is A Good Time 2 Change Band Names


When Is A Good Time 2 Change Band Names




This is serious. My band Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners formed after my other band Beethovan's Hot Sister collapsed in a ball of flames when Jakob kissed Mitches sister... Anyways, we recorded an album for fun and it ended up getting streamed half a million times on Spotify and iTunes. Cool? Unexpected for sure, so now we are torn between changing names, ditching the band, or staying the same since things are starting to heat up. 


Keep in mind my own loving father wont show people our music, because he is embarrassed of our band name! Insane right.


So I would like to start a discussion for all the stupid band names out there and advice for us noobs who have no idea what we are doing. Oh and BTW we make folk music and we might as well of recorded it in a garbage can. This is not me promoting my music because frankly I do not like our first album...

Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners