Where is goof troop theme?


Where is goof troop theme?

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I searched for The Goof Troop and Duck Tales theme songs on my spotify and no results came up. Can someone help me troubleshoot this problem?  I've included this screenshot of the error, help please ):

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Re: Where is goof troop theme?

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Have you tried just searching for 'Goof Troop' rather than adding theme as well? The artist may have not put theme in the name, and Spotify search at the moment is very strict! I got a couple of results searching for 'Goof Troop' and quite a few results searchng 'Duck Tales'.


If they're still not the right songs, at that point please note that for Spotify to have music on their servers; they require the permissions from the record label. The chances are that the artist for those 2 songs has not given the permissions from Spotify, which means that Spotify can't have the music yet. Spotify make everything they have available to us, so hopefully it will appear soon!


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