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I have many, many favourites, but I return to this one a lot.

Memoirs of a Geisha by John Williams <3

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One of my favorite soundtracks is Terence Blanchards music for Spike Lee's

25th Hour.

Couldnt find the album on the app, but I did found a spotify-link on google. Not sure if the link works tho. If so, my favorite track is 'Sleeping Is Naturelle'.


Dope soundtrack & movie.



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There are tons of fantastic soundtracks out there, among them a few of my favorites already mentionned in this topic (I agree with @Nico that Zimmer's Interstellar with its array of loud organs is remarkable, and @benmattila55's mention of Daft Punk strikes a strong chord - although in this last case, I have to say as time goes by, I find myself drawn more towards the remixes than the original...).


A personnal favorite of mine is Steven Price's terrifying score to Gravity. It's a very unsettling score, full of unresolved chords and floating tones that's quite efficient and I never tire of it - when the mood is right of course; this is not music for your everyday mood or typical workday.


And outside of the movie biz, there's 65daysofstatic; their stunning soundtrack to the videogame No Man's Sky - sadly, the best thing about a disappointing game – but not so sadly because this is one soundtrack that works quite well as a demonstration of the beauty and excesses of sprawling post-rock.

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This is my favorite forever.
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Thanks to you Audiozobe. My devices are failing me today. I can just read
your conversation. And I Feel very helpless. My most recent Playlist. Is at
Visit me there, Although my tablet wont interface
and my phone is not liking SwiftKey. My favorite movie soundtrack. Is the
entire collection of Jim Carey The Cable Guy and all if the Fright Night
Soundtracks. I can't wait to hear all of your favorites. All good

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Cliff Martinez is amazing, probably my favourite artist followed closely by Johann Johannsson !


check out Neon Demon score if you don't know it

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'hable con ella'


at the moment that I post this only four numbers of this album appear in the list, but these are the best of the album




a very old one, but still splendid, is 'l'ascenseur pour l'échafaud': Miles Davis



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Re: Your favourite Movie Soundtrack

Roadie  This is one I was recently reminded of and I forgot how amazing it was. 

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Just giving an answer off hand, I'd go with these two. One is a Score, and the other is a soundtrack.

All three are great. I just picked this one.