Zerod's Question For All Of You. Please Answer...


Zerod's Question For All Of You. Please Answer...


I wanna try to make music... electronic music... I just don't know if I can.

I know... a little guy like me.. no experience.. and I choose to possibly do this... Well I know I went down the wrong path.. but I feel like I should at least try and see if I can actually do this. I have a little bit of hope in myself and I can possibly make it..   only if I try. But I don't know.. Should I really start making music of my own?


Everyone's lil Zerod.


 Please give your opinion on this. I don't know if I should or shouldn't. I want to know what everyone else thinks of this... Who knows... I may become a real music producer one day.(Not Possible..)

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It all depends on a few things do you have a natural inclination towards music skills? Some people are born natural musicians. Many artists taught themselves how to play an instrument or how to create music and found to their own amazement they were or are well suited to the art form. One of my favorite Classic Rock Guitarists Ace Frehley of the classic rock band KISS had no formal music education and taught himself how to play and even played in an unconventional manner the guitar, and created his own style and sound that many guitarist have tried to emulate ever since. Another of my favorite Rock Guitarists the late Randy Rhoads of Quiet Riot and later Ozzy Osbourne had formal classical guitar training and education in music he incorporated into his playing style. And another favorite of mine the late guitarist Jimi Hendrix and well he just set a standard that many guitarists today are still awed over with. Music is just as much about spontaneous musical notes as it is with form and direction.


Do you have a natural musical ear? Most humans are somewhat tone deaf and have a hard time hearing subtle changes in pitch and harmony between notes. How good you can hear in the high and low ranges does make a big difference in what type of music you wish to pursue.  Do you have patience, the ability to be critical of yourself without being self loathing and give up to easy? And you must love music as much as breathing the air. You must absolutely must be able to play something until you are sick of it and then play it again and still find ways to make a piece of music sound better or more fuller. And last but not least have you ever touch any kind of musical instrument ever? If not you must think about which instrument you are interested in and being making a detailed plan on how you wish to learn that instrument with a one on one instructor or try the hard road and do it yourself and see what you can make of it. It does help to take some basic music courses through maybe a local community college or something similar. Learning how to read music can really help you in the long run as you can learn how other musicians compose music and get a basic direction for musical form and how to make musical instruments work together with notes and keys and time signature changes.


Give it some thought to be able to have a decent chance you must be absolutely dedicated to music creation, there are no half ways really, the world is littered with half ass "musicians".


As Master Yoda says "Do or Do not, there is no try".