[discuss] Audio equipment!


[discuss] Audio equipment!

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I'm pretty sure there are quite a few users here who listen to music on something more than a phone or motherboard audio on PC. Even though Spotify does not support lossless streaming (yet), it's still a lot nicer to listen to music in a noise-free and properly amped form.

I am one of them : )


So, I'd like to dedicate this thread for audio equipment - what you have, what would you like to have and what to avoid.


To start things off - spoilered it to keep post "short":



I have a Focusrite Scarlett interface (USB-powered), it works just fine. The headphone knob gets a slight scratchy pot, (erasable by rotating the knob a lot), but otherwise solid thing. Considerably brighter and more detailed than Xonar U5 that died on me... that's also an entertainment (gaming) soundcard and not supposed to be compared to Focusrite at all, lol.


Headphones are AKG K712. I was going for K701 initially, but was recommended to look into 712 instead because of a slight bump in the low frequencies.. so I did.
The soundstage is _insane_, so I have lots of problems trying to figure out of this odd sound is in music or there's an assassin creeping behind my door. :'D
I would recommend checking reviews before buying an AKG pair. Some cheaper ones are well-known and good, some are crap.
I have K142HD and it doesn't sound anywhere like K712....


I'd like to try upgrading... to maybe Schiit. Modi 3 and Magni 3, but I'm rather sure I'd throw money at something like Beyerdynamic DT1990 and a Subpac first.


Subpac would be a wearable subwoofer in a form of a sleek backbag. :') I don't know, I can't really use a powerful sub and speakers in my room due to positioning issues, but I would like to feel the bass as well as hear all the details, without terrorizing other people in my vicinity.


(I have speakers too, an old Philips soundsystem. Clearest speakers in the house...)



What about you?

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Re: [discuss] Audio equipment!


I have three Sonos speakers at home.

Bad choice, at least for Spotify streaming.

The Sonos app does not allow audio volume normalization between tracks


Re: [discuss] Audio equipment!


I’m on a grad student budget, so I can’t justify getting any cool audio equipment, but I do love my Audio-Technica MTH-40x headphones and bring them with me wherever I go on most occasions – they’re so much better than my Sennheiser earbuds or Apple Airpods lol


Re: [discuss] Audio equipment!


At home I listen to Spotify with a reciever Yamaha and PolkAudio speakers via wi-fi.

In the garden or outdoors I use a JBL Go speaker via bluetooth.


Re: [discuss] Audio equipment!


I listen to Spotify with a receiver bose lifestyle speakers via wifi.