missing some music in my list


missing some music in my list


hello guys,


I noticed yesterday that some music is gone from spotify. which was on there before tho.

some examples: serenity is now totally diffent not even the same band.

Delain their latest album is gone now,

leave's eyes is totally missing. Xandria is missing an album.


Are those coming back or not?

Cuz i wanna listen to it again and again. Some good music.

Is this commen that some music is on spotify and later on missing???




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Re: missing some music in my list

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They are probably still in your playlist if you untick the "Hide Unplayable Tracks" option in the Preferences menu of the Spotify desktop client.

It does happen sometimes sadly, but it is normally always out of Spotify's control as the record labels control the availability of content. They do try and get anything removed back, so keep an eye out.

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