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ok, so i know you can only have 3 devices at a time, if someone gets a hold of your password

and installs on a 4th device it doesn't erase your music on say one of your other devices, like

say your ipod but it does kick you off of offline playlists right? And does it kick you off of all of them?

I was jogging and all of a sudden an offline playlist with 5 songs on it was not playing and I got

a pop up screen that said it wasn't available for offline use and to click okay to connect to the internet.

I knew I was nowhere near the internet but couldn't click on any other offline playlist or anything on

spotify period other than that annoying pop up window to click ok to connect to the internet.


Previously when this happened (my offline list switched to online only, by a friend of mine)

I was still able to view and listen to other offline lists and I thought that even if ALL offline lists

were all of a sudden switched to online only, by say a friend of yours who had access to

your account on a separate device, that you would still be able to view your lists in grey on spotify

and maneuver around a little throughout spotify, even though i know you couldn't PLAY any songs

unless you were near an internet... but am i remembering wrong? The only thing i had access to

all of a sudden while away from the internet on spotify was this annoying pop up button that said

unable to play that track offline and to click ok to connect to the internet and it just kept popping up

over and over and over again...


when i got home and had internet access the same window popped up continuously for like 5 minutes

and didn't recognize the internet then after 7 times of pushing that "to connect to internet click ok", pop up window - it finally got online

and i noticed (thank God) that only one of my like, 5 offline lists had been changed by someone to offline.


Was spotify just having problems tonight, or what? What's the problem? Please explain! ? ? ? : )

I believe (and correct me if I'm wrong) that if it's the case of a 4th device all of a sudden or something,

that it has a different message pop up that says something else... like that you can't play that

because of another device, not the "can't play because not connected to the internet" message... am i wrong?




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Hey! :) 


Just so I am getting this straight, your Spotify app just decided that it didn't want to let you listen to any of your offline playlists? 

When was the last time that device was connected to the internet? The Spotify app requires you to connect at least once every 30 days to verify your subscription is still active, or else it will remove your offline content. 


I have also seen reports of this happening whilst out and about and you loose internet connection and you have not manually forced the app into Offline Mode from the settings menu. 



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