"The Action is Go" by Fu Manchu no longer available on Spotify?


"The Action is Go" by Fu Manchu no longer available on Spotify?


Is there any rhyme or reason to Spotify randomly dropping entire albums worth of music? I had several songs from this album on different playlists and noticed they were gone, then realized the album was no longer available on Spotify at all. I can see it on the web player, but the tracks won't play. On the app it's just not there anymore.


I want to know:

Where did this album go?

Why is it gone?

Will this happen with other music I listen to?


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Re: "The Action is Go" by Fu Manchu no longer available on Spotify?

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Missing or unavailable music is the result of the artist/label removing it from Spotify. Artists/labels chose whether or not to have their music on Spotify. It is not up to Spotify. Sometimes music is temporarily unavailable for a short period of time, and may come back.


Where did the album go?

It's still on Spotify's servers right now, but you cannot currently play it due to the artist/label requesting that it not be playable.


Why is it gone?

The artist or the artist's label decided to remove it from Spotify after allowing it on the service in the first place.


Will this happen with other music I listen to?

It could, but most music usually stays on Spotify after artists/labels upload it to Spotify.


Also, sometimes artists will just remove it from certain countries only, while other countries can continue to listen. 

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Re: "The Action is Go" by Fu Manchu no longer available on Spotify?

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If your are in the US that release as well as the release of In Search Of is still available for free at another music streaming service at least until those two releases get re-updated again in the spotify service. I use both Spotify and also the myspace music service for streaming content in the US. When something disappears in either of them I check the other service, if something that was there at both services suddenly leaves I know it is more to do with artists or labels playing around with access to the music at different streaming services. With so many streaming options these offerings of certain releases at other services are probable going to continue for some time. All streaming services do this you can find only certain releases of some artists at different streaming services for different regions available. It is kind of hit and miss to have a full discography of music available of a single streaming service for an individual artists entire work available. The exception to this is usually reserved with classic rock bands but even there some releases by some artists are still missing and will show up at another service and vice versa.  This is the new game with the access to music via streaming, the only other alternative is to check maybe amazon for a used cd of those releases, one can usually get them for 5 or 6 bucks a piece.



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