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Dear Spotify Executive Team - Your abuse of promoting "songs" that last between 1-2 minutes tops, in Discover Weekly & other playlists, needs to stop immediately. Paying artist royalties for a 30 second listen is a hideous new norm for the music industry, you're misguided. Separate yourself from the TikTok mentality, its garbage. Force these artists to actually create a song rather than a sound snippet. 45-50% of my Discover Weekly are these 1-2 minute snippets: I'm not saving them. I'm not adding them to my playlists. It's Spam. They're making your playlists irrelevant. END IT (please) Spotify!!

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Strongly agree with this - it takes time and skills to produce a track that evolves, that has an intro, build ups, break downs, a culmination and an outro. This is the beauty of the music - you listen it like you read a story. There is no satisfaction to read one random page from a book that doesn't even exist. Not to speak that the lion's share of these one minute tracks are quite mediocre. Users pay for premium to be able to discover what they like not to feed this new kind of fraudsters.

I am facing the same issue, my "Discover Weekly" playlist is full of ~1 minute useless songs...

Another thing spotify has to stop is giving the same suggested songs for months, its annoying asf.

Too all readers and followers of this topic: I have posted an Idea/Suggestion to fix this. Feel free to upvote this to get Spotify's attention:

This is one of the most defining moments in streaming history. Providers must increase the listening time for rewarding artist royalties, creativity has been hacked for the bad. These aren't fully composed songs, they're snippets. 

Yes!! This is annoying af

stop paying ceo's and management huge amounts and pay the artists who actually create useful content a decent amount for their work
spotify are scammers

A 1 minute song is not a song, they are forcing artists to make this kind of horrible thing.

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