7 Good artist whose I discovered in 2014 thanks to Spotify ! (0 to 80000 subscribers artist)


7 Good artist whose I discovered in 2014 thanks to Spotify ! (0 to 80000 subscribers artist)


Hello everybody ! 🙂

Here is my favorite artist whose I discovered on Spotify on 2014 :


Alexandra Tan :

She have an amazing voice, and her songs are very good, she is a very talented singer from France.
For people who likes little fresh sounding pop with cute voice, have a good listen !



If you like this track, don't forget to listen all of her music ! (And subscribe to her !)

X-MICRAY : (0 subscribers ??)


Just discovered him few days ago at random... We don't know anything about this artist but his first single is really amazing, and I felt in love with his graphics (Check his website for graphics)
For people who likes artist who tell history thanks to beautiful electronic music and pop sonority, enjoy !



If you liked this track... wait... He just released only one song. (Subscribe to his Facebook page and to his Spotify account if you want to listen his new music).


Now it's time for more famous artist !




She is a very good singer from England, with a very strong voice, and her music feelings are amazing !
If you like dark pop, this is for you guys !



And if you liked her only song in Spotify, you can find her first EP on YouTube... Room 93, AMAZING EP !




Claire is a German band with a very very good mixture between the girl voice and the electronic sounding !

If you like electronic music with pop, CLAIRE will be amazing for you !



 You can listen to "The Great Escape" eyes closed because it is probably one of my favorite album of the 2014th year !


Froxic is a very talented producer from Netherlands. His music sounds amazing and like I've never heard before !
If you like electronic music in general, this man is for you !



Listen to his Fracture EP, without forget a track, because this EP is really really good ! (Subscribe to his Spotify channel, he is a very young artist, and his Facebook page also !)




This is an amazing Electronic American music band... Just one word... Listen to "In Return".
If you like beautiful electronic music, this is for you...



This track is personaly my favorite, but listen to the entire album, it is amazing...

I think that In Return is my favorite album of 2014, Odesza have done an amazing work with In Return, buy it if you liked it, and like their Facebook page also !



The last band is probably the most famous that I shared, but it is an incredible Swedish band. Great ambiance, extremely good music.
If you like Pop, Electronic Music... If you like music, this is for you !



Check out the Galantis EP... One word... Incredible...


Have a great listen and share also your unfamous band or artist, 2015 will be a year of music discovery !

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Re: 7 Good artist whose I discovered in 2014 thanks to Spotify ! (0 to 80000 subscribers artist)


thanks for the post, cant stop listening to these songs now!!!!