A diverse electronic album rich on melodies


A diverse electronic album rich on melodies

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Hi there.


I'm not sure if such a shameless plug is allowed here. If not, I'm so sorry, just warn me, I'll take it down. ...but since I suck at marketing myself, thought I'd give it a try.


I've released a little album recently. It morphs from chillout, to glitchhop and to very melodic liquid dnb. I think it's nicely approachable even by people usually outside of electronic music styles.


...would love you to take a listen. 🙂






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Re: A diverse electronic album rich on melodies

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Hey @FarleyCZ


I feel about the marketing. I'm an artist myself and I am really horrible at advertising / marketing myself.


/mutters about accidentally messing up in the queue - a whole lot of Tsuruda's in the way/
Giving your album a listen - it does begin very softly, melodies are almost cinematic and the beat in the first song reminded me of Enigma a bit (as much as I have listened to that artist), and your songs would make a nice entry to some fine YT channels that present music like that.


Can recommend to those who seek calm and chillout tracks. Perhaps even a little melanholic - Waters was like that. It's a nice album, good job 🙂


(I listen to electronic music mainly, mostly from glitch-triphop-hiphop-bass music-d&b-dubstep-etc area, but I do love me some calm and ambient sounds!)

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