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Hi there guys! Awesome job so far.


Just a request to include "Marina Machado" on Brazilian Spotify!


Thank you and keep up the good work.



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Hello @queiroz-r, welcome to the community!


Some music is not on Spotfy because right could not be gained, once the rights are gained it can be added to the catalog. Here is more information 🙂 Also, you can request missing music here (keep in mind this does not mean it will show up on Spotify).  

Hope this helped 🙂

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Thank you! 😄

Re: JC Ninja


lets have votes for this mans talents.EXELENT RAP, He Works hard at it. and never gives up. JUGGALO FOREVER. TY ALL Lets get him, on spotify

Re: JC Ninja

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We are putting together a playlist of the top 30 songs that we receive. These songs will be played at one of the biggest events in the city of Chicago, Illinois. This will be a huge event with major DJ's and a crowd of around 10K +. Please follow these instructions as we are only taking the Top 30 songs. 

The list will be graded on these things.

1. Quality of the music. (Does the song sound professional)

2. Can people dance to this song?

3. Do you sound confident in your music?

4. Are you marketable?

5. The beat

We do accept explicit content!


Please include the required infromation to be considered. 


Artist Name:

Track Name:

City, State

Short Description About Artist

Url or Link:

Link to social media.... Instagram, Twitter, and youtube. 

Only 1 Song submission per Artist. 

Event Take Place in Chicago, IL on October 27th, 2017

Deadline will be October 8th, 2017 at 11:59pm.


In order to be considred for the top 30 Playlist you are to follow our main Artist Chico Gonzalez. We are looking for 29 more artist! Here's a exapmple from the first artist in case you're confused. 


Genre:             Hip Hop / Rap

Artist Name:   Chico Gonzalez

Track Name:   72 10 No Jumpman

City, State:      Chicago, IL

Social Media:  Instagram @ChicoGonzalez1MT   /  Twitter @ChicoGonzalez1M


Music is for anyone who likes hip hop. Personally he's on every playlist of mine. Pretty dope artist.


Over 500K streams throughtout social media as well so his project is coming along. Now On Spotify and Every Other Music Platform Including Itunes and google play