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About A County Music Artist & Soldiers That Protected Our Country

About A County Music Artist & Soldiers That Protected Our Country

I just happened to find this video, when I was looking up something unrelated. I saw a Country singer that I know some songs by, talking about another Country singer that I don't really know songs by, but who I know of. He was talking about the history of his fiddle, which is actually pretty interesting. It's about 10 minutes of your time, to get some Country Music history.

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Thanks, StompingLlama


I just checked it out. I don't like all the cussing, one reason being that it takes away from it being something that you can play anywhere and for anyone; it has really relevant lyrics. I do like that, about it. I'm not really a fan of Stained, and I'm not really sure about Aaron Lewis, but this is an interesting song. I had to rewind it, to check if he really said what I thought he said, about Bruce Springsteen's songs. Then, I got it, thinking about a certain podcast that's been on our Spotify home pages. Of course, I haven't listened to it, so I don't know exactly what he's referring to.


Did you check out the video? If so, what'd you think about it?

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Thanks madman for sharing this video. Not familiar with Roy Acuff's music but seems he had big influence during the war. What a great way to keep his legacy secured in a museum.

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