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About Vangelis' Beaubourg album


About Vangelis' Beaubourg album

I've been listening this album by Vangelis for several years, from time to time, and I'm still realising there are some errors in the recorded sound that haven't been fixed until now for ages: changes of speed during the last six minutes of Part 1, quite noticeable near the end, and in several parts of Part 2, as if someone lowed or highed pitch sound in all the recording, before submitting this album to Spotify.

Is there a way somebody from Spotify staff, with permission of author / label, could upload another version, without sound mistakes, instead of catalogued one? Thanks

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It doesn't work like that. Spotify doesn't upload music. Music is delivered by the record companies. The audio issue on Beaubourg has existed for a long time as several several CD releases have been impacted by this error in digital mastering. Unfortunately the wrong master was used again on Spotify. You should complain to RCA, now a part of Sony Music. But I doubt they would care a lot.

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