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Albums have different setlist than the original


Albums have different setlist than the original

I don't understand why some albums do not have the same songs on it as the original store bought ones. I can find the missing songs on other albums that are different. Also why is it that some of the discographies are missing albums, but when I search for the specific album that's missing it comes up in the search? Also the albums with the missing songs have songs that were never a part of that album. I am not talking about the special added content which is on songs that were a part of the album.

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You're right, but this is quite common: prime examples are The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. These bands (and more) had, back in the day, albums that were released in the UK, whilst the 'same' album - when released in the USA - could have quite a different content. Reason? Probably because The Beatles (and others) released quite a few singles in the UK that not necessarily became part of an album, whilst the US wanted albums with that could attract buyers with some hitsingles. On Spotify and other streamingservices we see another reason for different content: non-album singles are added to albums from roughly the same time of release. Yet another reason for different content and/or missing albums/tracks can be the fact that some songs/albums may have been released by a different recordcompany or had a composer who is no longer part of the band (royalties, royalties). Well, these are just a few reasons - there may be many more.

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