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Ambient, Downbeat, Minimal, Chilled


Ambient, Downbeat, Minimal, Chilled

I actually sort my electro-chill music playlist but im confused about most of the genres and the usual and spotify sorting systems are a bit weird here. I want to break them up into small sub genres to see what i am into and discover new music of that but that made up some questions.

Like whats vapor music, chillwave, vapor twitch, vapor soul

Wheres the difference between acid and nu jazz, lounge, jazzy hip hop

Are chilled liquid dubstep and drum and bass songs chillstep or is that another genre.

Is minimal techno downbeat?

whats idm in connection with downbeat and ambient


I think if someone describes it with own words its mostly easier to understand and i dont have to search a whole day to find out basic things. Thanks for the help already.


3 Replies

Hey @CosiRemical


Sorry I found your post just now. 🙂


You have some good questions there... In fact I'll need to google these subgenres to figure out the main differences, but I am pretty sure it's more than fine to just put the tracks in larger categories, such as vapor genre-related songs in one playlist and so. Otherwise you might end up with some playlists looking considerably emptier than others, probably, I don't know how many songs you're having there. 🙂


Electronic music genres can be very hard to handle, especially considering how artists of one genre tend to lend details from another genre, and then we have artists of (allegedly) different genres running in parallel drawing detail from common sources. It... becomes messed up :')


Genres like chillstep seem to be defined, it's basically chill dubstep (slow beats, deep bass, maybe woman vocals in the mix), something that can be relaxed to.

Acid jazz is more (likely) club-oriented and it combines jazz, funk, disco and soul.

Nu-jazz is a mix of electronic music and jazz. Can sound close to acid jazz, but can also explore sounds of jazz and electronica further.

Lounge is a type of easy listening music, which can pull elements from jazz, donwtempo and other genres. Most likely having some exotic / upper space / other tranquil themes.


Jazz hiphop is a mix of jazz and hiphop.


IDM seems to be a label attached to any artist that's into experimentation. The most notable examples being Autechre, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and Amon Tobin.

Its name sounds terrible though, as it implies those under EDM umbrella being stupid or something, but I think you can simply handle the IDM label as Experimental.


For other genres, maybe this website might help you. You should find all the genres you're having questions about in the genre cloud. You can hear a sample of the genre, and when you click on the little >> arrows, you'll see a cloud of artists under this genre. It should give a rather good impression on what the genre is about. 🙂

(artists can be under different genres. For example Amon Tobin is under 7 genres.)


I hope this was of any help. I'm having trouble understanding different genres as well. :')

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