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An open letter to Spotify regarding The Doors


An open letter to Spotify regarding The Doors


Dear Spotify

Today I got The Doors recommended to me via the discover page in the Spotify Player, and I already know the band quite well; what really bothers me is when it got recommended for me, and I decided to get some Doors into my day... The song example was "Breakin' A Sweat" which include and is dominated by an artist which I do not even borderline associate with rock music in the first place, this is just very, very sad! I know it might be a script-thing, and the player just picks what ever is the most listened track of that certain artist, but I just got really bothered as some people might be cheated out on a great band that arguably changed the rock scene of their generations.

As a suggestion the player could just pick a song that is the most listened to which only includes the original artists.

Best regards

A mildly displeased Spotify user


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