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Anybody know any rappers like Eminem


Anybody know any rappers like Eminem

Im looking to broden my playlist... I realy like the flow and the rhymes of Eminems music. Im currently looking for artist with simular qualitys.. Any thoughts??

43 Replies

If you like Eminem, you'll LOVE Aesop Rock and Busdriver. Infinitely better.

If you want something more like the old-Eminem vibe, when he was angry about everything and talking about drugs, you should totally give Dirty Dike (and his similar artists) a listen.

Try Yelawolf. Eminem got him famous and is sugned to his label. They work together only a little but each song Yela has written is a masterpiece

The older Aesop Rock stuff, El-P, atmosphere(scapegoat is a good example), and D12.

Somehow Macklemore pops in my mind.

First time I've heard songs of him, it reminded me to Eminem.


However Eminem is a bit more rap like and Macklemore a bit more poppy.

Just a fan of Spotify.
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Just to name a couple like Eminem, 50 Cent, D12, JAY Z and Trick Track are good 🙂

Listen to Denace's Dead end album. He really reminds me of eminem. 

Try the song "far from home"... 


If you like eminem youll like dr dre, 2pac, nas and outlawz

You would probably love G Eazy or Chance the Rapper!

Yelawolf is good. So is g-eazy in a lot of his songs, not so similar but good.

Logic sounds exactly like Eminem you should check him out listen to 


Logic sounds exactly like Eminem you should check out his song Alright.

Definitely NF.

For what it's worth, Yung Leo has the same flow as Eminem. Worth a shot! @iamkreation is his fb, yt, and insta. Cheers!

Then you'll probably love Drake and G Easy.

You should try Ashtin Larold, I think he is almost as good as eminem 🙂

I'd like to think I am somewhat similar

I know this post is old but if you like Em, you'll probably like most of these guys:
Hopsin, Lil Dicky, Joyner Lucas, Token, Kydd, Zero (could pass as Em), Denace (sounds like him, flow a bit different).

If you haven't found any of those guys out, you're welcome.

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