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Arctic Monkeys: Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino premiere


Arctic Monkeys: Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino premiere



I am a HUGE Arctic Monkeys fan. (Top 1% of listeners in 2016 - yes, it's on my CV, even though I am a marine biologist)


I want to throw an album release party, but I don't know what time to have it begin. I know Spotify will stream the album when it is released, on May 11th. However, I was wondering the exact timing of this. Will it be at midnight in one's respective time zone?


Based on their tour scheudle, I believe the Arctic Monkeys will be somewhere between LA and Berlin - I would suspect near their origins in the UK. Will this streaming begin at midnight wherever they are? In GMT or PCT?


I will be (and basically already am) celebrating the release like all day May 10th, but I don't want to force my guests to stay awake until 9am, if the album is not available until midnight PCT. 


If no one knows the answer, I understand. I will only cry for 20 minutes.


Thank you so much for your help and concern.




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Yeah not sure, Arctic Monkeys didn't stipulate a release time for the album as yet. I am looking forward to the album myself even with its bizarre title and the weird track listing

Hello @crowdiegal and @alainarose


Nice to meet Arctic Monkeys fans 🙂


If there is no release in advance (which can happen), any albums planed to be released on a New Music Friday is available on Spotify right after midnight in any countries (local time).


Try to not be too nervous waiting 🙂



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Living in finland and it’s already 00:45 and it’s still not out, I think it will be published when USA hits 00:00

probably you are right. living in italy it's 0:37 and still nothing was released. 😞

I think so too, so around 0600 or 0500 utc

Its online. It was online at 0.00 GMT

tnks man

Look at the time the pop up stores open as. From what I gather  they will be selling the album so it would make sense that spotify releases it when they start selling the album in stores. It's well into the morning where I am and still it hasn't come out - I imagine it'll come out same time globally. Hopefully that's helped xx

dude i'm listening to it right now 😆

Must be midnight local time then

Must be local time then

It was released 30 minutes ago it's 1:34 🤔

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