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Areatha Franklin

Areatha Franklin

Ive heard that some group that is LGBTQ /Trans wants the song Natural Women written by Carol King and preformed by the great Aretha Franklin they want the song removed from Spotify and Apple music playlist and want to cancel her I've been a Premium subscriber for over 10 yrs and if Spotify folds to this outrageous demand than you will no longer hold the core reason of why you were you began for the music I've been with Spotify from the get go please don't let the be overrun by the agenda of others enough to is enough and remember the loyal fan of music and the supporters of Spotify it's not what I want and I'm guessing the way all lovers of music leave the music and the Artist ALONE as a 62 year old white male who grew up on all the music rock soul and who got to see Mrs.Franklin at MSG in 1995 don't take my memories if you don't like the song don't listen to it because the Natural Woman is for real Keep it real Spotify Thank You 

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Hi @Jimbo60,


Spotify won't just remove music because a lot of people dislike it. However, Spotify will review it to ensure that it is safe for everyone to listen to. So, as of right now, Spotify will look at the song and then make a proper decision...




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