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Band t-shirt selfie [Contest] [Closed]


Band t-shirt selfie [Contest] [Closed]

Hey guys! It's time for your monthly Spotify Community contest.
This month we want to see a selfie with your favourite band t-shirt--along with a quick post about why you love it
Your shirt can be be nostalgic, the band you've seen 13 times (ahem @Richard ), the shirt you've worn so much you can barely read the band name--anything you want. Just tell us why you love it.

We'll give the user with our favorite post 3 months of Premium and the two runner-ups 1 month of Premium


UPDATE: We've announced our 3 winners. Check them out right here.

Photo on 09-05-2014 at 16.23 #2.jpg
The Rules:
  1. One entry per person.
  2. The competition will close at 10am (Stockholm time) on Wednesday 28 May. Spotify Employees will then scroll through your band t-shirt selfies (and stories) and pick the 3 we personally love the most.
  3. Any unsportsmanlike behaviour will result in disqualification.
  4. Only entries received before Wednesday, 28 May 2014, 10:00:00 (Stockholm time) will be counted.
25 Replies

Thank you very much!! I'm excited for some free tunes!! 😄

Wow thank you! Never won a contest before 😄

I'm also winner today!


Sonic Flash uploaded a amazing Hands Up beat bomb for me and (everyone else) into Spotify :)))


Even though I'm a day late to enter and win this one 😉 I'd still like to share my all time favorite Doors tee.

Had it 5 years now. Hand-wash it till this day 🙂

Front as you see-back has "Light My Fire"


Hello Bbrandt33 


I understand this is out of the blue but after reading your T-shirt entry (CONGRATULATION !!  by the way) with regards to your 2.5 year old   I was compelled to reply to you just to agree that you are right about the possibilties for your son are and will be no different to any other people on this planet and with the loving guidence from you and your family things will happen just the same as any other families.


I am speaking from my own family experience as me and my wife have children and my son was diagnosed after been in the world just 6months to be partially sighted !!!! and you know the thoughts that go through your mind of the future ahead with the whys? what fors? and hows!!.


Well my son is now 10 years old and he has exceeded ours, his peers and the trainers of all the 'NORMAL' (whatever that means) sports clubs that he has been involved with (Including SKIING !!!).


YES there are moments and differences but isn't there in all tribes?? Our son is enjoying life just like his peers and at the same rate too so I hope this will help you with your winding road along with the beautiful music of the masterful and HAPPY Tony Memmel (THANKS by the way 1st time listern but NOT the  last ) 


PEACE and LOVE Bbrandt33


And like the courageous Anne Frank said:    Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.







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