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Best Overall Songs of 2018 (Share Yours)


Best Overall Songs of 2018 (Share Yours)

Hello and welcome to 2018!


2017 was a year for mellower music and political statements, but what will 2018 look like? 


Already we've had albums from Car Seat Headrest, MGMT, tUnE-yArDs, Son Lux, Nils Frahm and Ty Segall to sink our teeth into, but we're only two months in!


Share your favourite songs this year and why you love them - I'll kick us off:





You can now find a playlist of all the songs in this thread on the Spotify Community profile here:



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One of my favourites from last month!



Obviously I can't forget this tune.



@Gibtits I love that song, what a collaboration and with Australians (what more could I ask for?)

@Gibtits Golden Vessel are super smooth! Great pick ^_^

@00TY thanks for sharing your music! are there any other artists which would make your list this year?

@songmasterSD thanks for sharing your music ^_^ are there any other tracks which have grabbed your attention in 2018?

@rossi1911 wonderful song but released mid last year 😮

@crematedman wrote:

@rossi1911 wonderful song but released mid last year 😮

@crematedman Didn't know that but Spotify said it's released in 2018. 😛

@rossi1911 😮



I'm really loving the entirety of MILCK's EP, especially This Is Not The End and Ooh Child, which I'll link here. I'd highly recommend giving the whole EP a listen, though!


And on a completely different note, I'm having a lot of fun with MOMOLAND's newest track, BBoom BBoom. Check it out:

What more INDEED! Both managed by the same company Astral People as well. So much talent!

Literally only came across Golden Vessel for the first time with this song and now I'm obsessed! 

@Gibtits sometimes you can discover really great emerging bands by looking at the label!


it's the best when you fall in love with a new artist for the first time ^_^


This is my new song! "Another Day" Tropical House 😃 For summer, sunset, relaxing and good vibes ❤️ Please let me know if you like it.

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