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Best Overall Songs of 2018 (Share Yours)


Best Overall Songs of 2018 (Share Yours)

Hello and welcome to 2018!


2017 was a year for mellower music and political statements, but what will 2018 look like? 


Already we've had albums from Car Seat Headrest, MGMT, tUnE-yArDs, Son Lux, Nils Frahm and Ty Segall to sink our teeth into, but we're only two months in!


Share your favourite songs this year and why you love them - I'll kick us off:





You can now find a playlist of all the songs in this thread on the Spotify Community profile here:



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Love love LOVE the choice of Parquet Courts to kick us off here, @crematedman!


Here's a few of my favourite tunes so far in 2018...


Hot Snakes - 'Death Camp Fantasy'




Ratboys - 'GL'




Olden Yolk - 'It Takes One To Know One'




GoGo Penguin - 'Bardo'




Suuns - 'Watch You, Watch Me'




Imarhan - 'Alwa' 




MIEN - 'Black Habit'



@driveflanger ain't no soft music in there, only the best rock!


are there any standout tracks?

@rossi1911 I adore that Frank Ocean track!!

@Stereochromatic I absolutely loved Devil Devil so when MILCK appeared again I was so happy ❤️


a lot slower than i expected (not in a bad way)

@Zoeen thank for sharing that 🙂 

 ‘Simple’ – 3 weeks of writing and recording, 5 songs long, 11 minutes of simple songs

@Jakub2986 @Fauxtotoro @nicoanuch thanks for sharing your tracks! are there any other artists that have grabbed your eye? 

Embrace's new single from their latest album....

@Denkidenk that's a loooooong list! do you have any favourites from it?


I love the Dream Wife, MGMT, Car Seat Headrest, Frankie Cosmos tracks 🙂

@Jakub2986 it would be wonderful if you could share different artists when posting in this thread ^_^

@RNMusic never heard of them - where are they from? ^_^

They are from Sweden 🙂 

@Jack Parquet Court's tracks this year have been immense!


Loved the Death Camp Fantasy, GL and Alwa tracks. The GoGo Penguin track is a journey! The suuns track is a beautiful psych tune as well ^_^


Thanks for all the amazing music!

@RNMusic the capital of good music! 😛

@user-removed @altartracks2k thanks for sharing your music!

@rossi1911 i like combination of pop and choir in the Embrace track 😮

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