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Best album covers for 1914-2014


Best album covers for 1914-2014

hello !


Best album covers for 1914-2014 ( A title of the album is welcome )


Television personalities - And don't the kids just love ( 1981 )



193 Replies

hello !


Infected Mushroom - Army of mushrooms ( 2012 )



Hello !


Baroness - The red album ( 2007 )



Hello !


Lady of the sunshine - Smoking Gun  ( 2009 )



Hello !


Wussy  -  Strawberry  ( 2011 )



Hello !


Uncle Mountain - Miles of skyline  ( 2011 )



hello !


Bob dylan is my first "idol" When I was 16 in 1963 .... Thanks !!!


I'm just looking beautiful album covers, with an album title
Whatever the genre
( Desolated for my mediocre English )


a cover like this one


Blood Axis - Seeker ( 1998 )


@adjuster wrote:

This is actually @Jamie's absolute favorite photograph. It's stunning.  

Hello !


Robert Dennis Crumb (born August 30, 1943), known as Robert Crumb and R. Crumb, is an American cartoonist and musician. His work displays a nostalgia for American folk culture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and satire of contemporary American culture. His work has attracted controversy, especially for his depiction of women and non-white races.

Crumb first rose to prominence after the 1968 debut of Zap Comix, which was the first successful publication of the underground comix era. Countercultural characters such as Fritz the Cat and Mr. Natural, and the images from his "Keep on Truckin'" strip, were among his popular creations ( Wikipedia )

He is the author of this very beautiful album cover ( Please Warm My Weiner : Old time Hokum Blues - VA )









It’s now the turn of KID LOCO from Paris. There is no other producer and DJ who exemplifies music with a relaxed atmosphere quite like he does. Whether in a club or the living room – KID LOCO takes care of the etherealness. With a mixture of Easy Listening, Hindi Funk, Guitar Pop and Hip Hop Beats, the Loco Man has developed an individual sound that fascinates rocker boys, b-boys and boutique owners alike. ( )

Bonus : Albums covers


hello !!


Grim Tower - Anarchic Breezes ( 2013 )


The debut LP from Grim Tower, the Psych/Death folk project from Stephen McBean of Black Mountain and Imaad Wasif. 10 tracks of new acoustic death folk ( )



hello !


Apollo Brown - Clouds ( 2011 )



Hello !!


Chinese Man - Racing with the sun ( 2011 )



Hello !!


Taken from the compilation, Ornamental ( A holiday Compilation ) ( 2012 ) With a beautiful album cover


A weird Version of  "The little drummer Boy" by Nicki Jaine and Ego Likeness




Very Beautiful : 60's Psychedelic covers


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