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Best album covers of 2014


Best album covers of 2014

Following Meredith's idea, which are the best album covers of 2014 so far?


Best album covers of the year. 


The best way to share the album cover would be: 

1. Pick a track from the album.

2. Right click and select Copy Embed Code.

3. Paste it in the HTML tab on your community post.



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 Pharmakon - Bestial Burden


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Hello !!


Bang bang


Fantastic Version !!! ... Thanks !!

Hello !


Amarante - Elapsed Euphoria ( 2014 )


Super cover ............. Super songs


@hpguru wrote:



Hard Dance Mania Volume 32 - 2014


I want to meet this girl... now!!! Please... anyone know who is she???



Thanks for listening!!!

Hello there.


I'm still waiting. Someone know who is this girl???


Phone number??? I wanna meet this girl now or never!!!


Please god help me... 😄 Also feel free to send a pair of these headphones!!!

hello !


Alternative Folk-Pop-Brass collective Montreal-based Alternative Folk-Pop-Brass collective The Franklin Electric turned heads last year, claiming first prize in a Nashville songwriting competition with the infectious song, “Old Piano”. The group then banded together to lay down a debut album and This is How I Let You Down is the result. ( Wikipedia )






Officert ! - Dead Unique ( 2014 )


Blackest Ever Black presents to you Dead Unique, an album by Officer! recorded in 1995 but - outrageously, inexplicably - never before released into the public domain. This then is not a reissue or a revival; it’s a new record that just happens to have been maturing in the cask for, oh, a little shy of 20 years. ( )




hello !


 Beth Israel - Dental Denial ( 2014 )


"I love my pet," say the Austin band Beth Israel in the middle of a Dental Denial track. The line, and all of the track's spoken word vocals, are delivered in a deadpan over sedate, washy, prolonged guitar chords. Soon, the monologue becomes deranged in its chilliness. "And then I take my pet, and I go AHHHHHH." At the moment of the scream, the vocals are distorted. The result: "I killed it!" The song is called "Tommy Boy". ( )



Hello !


Secret Cities - Walk me home  ( 2014 )


Walk Me Home is the new album from geographically diverse psych band Secret Cities. ( Allmusic )

Charlie Gokey delved into Roy Orbison's ballads about losers in love while becoming a civil liberties attorney in Washington, D.C. Alex Abnos locked in to New Orleans soul masters like King Floyd & Dr. John as he became a journalist in New York City. And Marie Parker became a teacher in the band's spiritual home of Fargo, North Dakota.

In addition, a beautiful cover ( )


Hello !


The Twilight Sad - Nobody wants to be here & Nobody wants to leave  ( October 2014 )


Hello !!


 I Am Love - Oh Take  ( 2014 - Bandcamp )




Vashti Bunyan - Heartleap




Lingouf - Frequences Sensibles



Daisuke Tanabe - Floating Underwater


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Beautiful covers and Neo psychedelism very interesting

Thanks !

Hello !


The Young Sinclairs - This is the Young Sinclairs ( October 2014 )


Most modern-day garage rock bands aim to sound as hard as possible, but The Young Sinclairs from Roanoke, Virginia, USA, in the Blue Ridge Mountains are a ’60s-influenced group who’ve sworn allegiance to the jingle jangle sound of classic folk-rock and early stirrings of psychedelia.


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And it........ is this beautiful ??


Ergo Phizmiz - The Peacock  ( 2014 )



Hello !


Espectrostatic - Escape From Witchtropolis ( 2014 )


Espectrostatic shows his explorations of moody electronic music have advanced so far in just two years that fans of this kind of music should anticipate his next move eagerly. ( Allmusic )


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DRGN KING - Baltimore Crush ( 2014 )


Philadelphia duo DRGN King's second album, Baltimore Crush


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I'm Kingfisher - Avian ( 2014 )


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DJ Kose - Reincarnations, Pt 2 - The remix chapter 2009 ( 2014 )

You Saw it all - DJ kose Remix - Herbert


hello !


waoooooooooooooooo  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rome fortune - Money Memories ( Feat superhumanoids ) ( Beautiful Pimp Li ) - 2014


Yes Beautiful


Hello !


The Gloaming - The sailor's Bonnet ( The gloaming - 2014 )




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