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Best albums of 2015


Best albums of 2015

We've wrapped up the Albums of 2014 thread with the full 2014 playlist here.


Now you can start sharing the albums you recommend from 2015 with the Spotify Community below. We recommend posting a Spotify Play Button following these steps:


1. Right click on the desired song/ playlist. 

2. Click 'Copy Spotify URI'.

2. Go to your Community post. 

3. Click 'Insert/edit link button'

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 9.51.27 AM.png

4. Paste URI.

5. Click Post. 



And remember to give kudos to the albums you also agree belong on the "best of 2015" list. 


I'll get us started with my current favorite for 2015: Panda Bear's new album "Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper".


Want to share your favorite songs of 2015? Join this thread here. 

417 Replies

 Roland Tings - Roland Tings




Squirrelhouse - Friends ( 2015 )








Milo Greene - Control ( 2015 )


Milo Greene is a self-described cinematic pop band that formed in Los Angeles, California




Hello !



Nite Fields - Depersonalisation ( 2015 )



Australia’s Nite Fields, a four-piece band whose full-length debut, the somber Depersonalisation, could almost pass for a 4AD compilation from the late '80s.

( )





Lovin the new Aphex Twin EP:



JOEBOT, lovingly handmade by MattSuda - I'm not the only sexy rock star, there are plenty of others that are happy to help you out. Just look for the star by their name.
I AM NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF SPOTIFY AB. I am just a thirteen year old child trying to help out. I am not paid to help or say any views of Spotify AB or any of it's affiliates, so the least that you could do is share some kudos, or, if I helped you out, mark my post as a solution. It makes me all fuzzy inside

Hello !



Sun Hotel - Rational Expectations ( Community Records - 2005 )


Tyler Scurlock and New Orleans quartet for 40 minutes of dreamy rock







Schneider, Kacirek - Shadows Documents ( Bureau B - 2015 )


Under the auspices of the Goethe Institute and Unesco, Stefan Schneider (To Rococo Rot, ex-Kreidler) and Sven Kacirek ("The Kenya Sessions") have spent a fair amount of time in Kenya in recent years. As they travelled the country, they recorded rare, traditional music in different locations. On "Shadows Documents" they graft their acoustically gleaned impressions of Kenya onto pure electronic templates

( )

Very interesting music








Chadwick Stokes - The Horse Comanche  ( Ruff Shod records - 2015 )


Chad (Chadwick) Stokes Urmston (born February 26, 1976, Boston, Massachusetts, United States) is an American musician. He is the frontman for the Boston, Massachusetts-area bands Dispatch and State Radio, as well as a human rights activist. ( wikipedia )
The Horse Comanche is the new solo album from singer-songwriter Chadwick Stokes. Produced by Brian Deck and Iron & Wine's Sam Beam, the album features 10 songs including "New Haven" with guest vocals from the ladies of Lucius. It's available now on CD / LP / MP3 from Ruff Shod / Thirty Tigers. ( Bandcamp )







 Breakfast In Fur - Flyaway Garden ( None records - 2015 )


Experimental indie folk-rock and lightly shoegaze dream pop that falls somewhere between the Cocteau Twins, the Magnetic Fields, Panda Bear, and Lush. ( Allmusic - James Christopher Monge )





Jape - This Chemical Sea

hello !



Pond - Man It Feels Like Space Again ( 2015 )


Man It Feels Like Space Again is the sixth album by Australian psychedelic rock band Pond, released on 23 January 2015 in Australia.







Hello !



Tigercats - Mysteries ( 2015 )


East London’s Tigercats return with their new album and first release for Fortuna POP! Mysteries is vividly emotional and sonically expansive, blending the very best of indiepop with complex song structures, lush production and beautiful arrangements.

( )



)Hello !



Riverhorse - Opal ( 2015 )




Hello !



Boduf Songs - Stench Of Exist ( 2015 )


 England / Ohio’s Mat Sweet presents his latest album under the Boduf Songs moniker via The Flenser! Stench of Exist is at once his most accessible and most esoteric work to date



Hello !




Father John Misty - I Love You, Honeybear ( 2015 )


Joshua Tillman (born May 3, 1981), also known as J. Tillman, is an American folk singer-songwriter, guitarist, and drummer, currently performing under the moniker Father John Misty. Maintaining a steady output of solo recordings since 2004, Tillman is a former member of indie rock bands Saxon Shore and Fleet Foxes.

I Love You, Honeybear is the second studio album from Josh Tillman, released under the pseudonym Father John Misty on February 10, 2015 on Sub Pop ( Wikipedia )





Hello !



Black Rivers - Black Rivers ( Ignition Records Ltd - 2015 )



Best New Indie 2015 ( Tommy Westers )



Hello !



Team me - Blind As Night ( Propeller Recordings - 2015 )


 Team Me is an indie pop band from Norway. Their 2011 debut studio album To the Treetops! won the 2011 Norwegian Grammy Awards (Spellemannprisen) in the category "Best Pop Group of the Year




Hello !


The districts - A Flourish and A Spoil ( Fat Possum - 2015 )


The Districts are a rock and roll/jazz/soul band from Lancaster Pennsylvania and are now a 5 piece band




Hello !



Streets Of Laredo - Volume I & II ( Dine Alone Music inc - 2015 )





Hello !



William Ryan Frich - Revisionist ( Lost Tribe Sound - 2015 )



William Ryan Fritch (also known under the moniker Vieo Abiungo) is an American musician, composer, and producer, currently residing in Oakland, California. He is a member of Sole and the Skyrider Band and has released several albums under his own name.
Under the alias Vieo Abiungo, he released three albums for Lost Tribe between 2010 and 2012.





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