Brain game


Brain game

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Let's start the new year with a small fun game!


I will choose 2 of my tracks from my playlists and scramble them. If you know both answers, reply with the solution and add 2 new scrambled tracks.


Some examples

Track: oreHiz Tkae eM oT uhcrCh

Track: imO eradhrCleee ixelF Jhane xmieR


Some handy tips

  1. This tool might help you to scramble your tracks/artist names. 
  2. Check your own playlists, you might already have the track in your playlist.


The rules are pretty simple

  1. Stick to the original track name/artist, don't lower or upper any character. 
  2. Don't include any suffix like "Radio Edit" or "Original Mix".
  3. Only answer when you have both solutions.
  4. There are no character rules, but keep in mind that small tracks are easier to guess.

Enough talk. Let's kick this off!!

Track 1: kalW het onMo  Suht pU and caneD
Track 2: cnaVe Joy  essM sI ieMn

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Re: Brain game

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Here's the answer!




1. Shut Up and Dance

Walk the Moon


2. Mess is Mine

Vance Joy





My turn:


  1. oLean weLis  nBeigeld veoL
  2. aCll eM aeyMb  yarlC aRe Jseenp