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British Music


British Music

Hi, I made a playlist about british rock/pop called "Pudin de Yorkshire"

I´m looking for new british bands. Any advise?



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Pulp, Arctic Monkeys and the Kaiser Chiefs are all British bands... and suitably for your playlist name, from Yorkshire. 


Thanks! They used to be part of the playlist. I update it every 10-14 days...

What you saw last week is not the same as today 🙂

Well, I only saw it yesterday! 😀


Shed Seven are also a British band, from Yorkshire... 😜

Shed Seven, nice!!!

Thanks so much.

Wow amazing,

I love to hear that playlist.


Its really amazing playlist

best regards resore and renew

Thanks! I hope you are one of my playlist followers 🙂

I update the playlist every 10-14 days.

Any suggestion? 

One of my all time favorite british bands is The Heavy. Heres my fav song 😄

Nice song!

Added to the playlist!


Please, Fav the playlist and share! 🙂



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