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Broken Bells - After The Disco not on Spotify?


Broken Bells - After The Disco not on Spotify?

Broken Bells' new album is supposed to be out now! How come their singles is there, but not the whole album?


I'm super excited to hear it. One of my favourite bands! 🙂

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Does this work for you?


That is the old album by them. They released a new album yesterday called After The Disco, which I can't find on Spotify.

Ah, sorry - shows what I know 😞


In that case, Columbia haven't made the full album available on Spotify yet for whatever reason. Hopefully it will appear soon though.

I've also been looking for this! How long does it usually take for albums to get on? It's normally instantaneous from what I have seen. 

It's up to the record label. Some artists' music is deliberately held back from streaming for a week or more with the ridiculous idea that this will maximise sales revenue 😞

Where is this album?

Seriously get this full album on Spotify... All 4 of these singles are amazing

You can see and keep track of (but still not hear) the full album here:


The 4 singles that are already available can be played from there or from the singles section on their page.

That link doesn't work for me 😞

Come one. Im checking everyday if this is album is available on Spotify even when I have "follow" activitated...

SPOTIFY, please make "Disco" avabilable!

Yeah, can we at least get a "This album will be available on..." You clearly have a licensing deal that's preventing you from uploading it, and it's likely got very clear parameters down to the hour, so why not let your customers know? 


try deezer... after the disco works. i think the catalog is better. i hope spotify change. in the negative i change to deezer

That's not true - Deezer has exactly the same songs from the EP "After the Disco", e.g. the four singles. I guess all streaming services get the same contract/licences 


But Deezer looks interesting anyway. If the Spotify people keep ignoring all the requests and forum posts I might try it out 😉 



In france the album "after the disco" have 11songs. On deezer 4 singles.
i use spotify since 3 or 4 years and it s not the fist time the album are on deezer and not on spotify



Its gone nearly two months since the album came out, still only three singles on spotify. Reall really want this. Spotify seemed to be better before releasing albums very close to their releases. Now, Spotify feels more like a Netflix for music... which sucks.

What's the deal here? If the album isn't going to be available, can we at least get someone to say that officially? The silence isn't helpful.

As it's up to the publishers, you need to ask them. 

The new album "After the Disco" IS up on Spotify but for some reason you haVE

to look for it via the album name and not under Broken Bells.




NOT TRUE - it's just the single.

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