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Can someone share me the playlist of Game themes (songs)?


Can someone share me the playlist of Game themes (songs)?

If you don't understand my question, lemme tell you. I spent a lil time on Spotify, and love to play games, open world game like that. If some one has a playlist, full of game themes and games songs. Than lemme know, there is no reason why I need this. I just want to collect as many themes songs of games. Mentioning some games, GTA series, Assassin Creed Series, fallout, Battle royal and etc. 

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I know this isn't for the games that you mentioned that you like to play, but it is a game soundtrack. It also has a website in the description, for how to download some game theme songs or soundtracks.


You'd have to download the same songs as I have, then upload them into your local files to play them in Spotify, though. I would think that they would cause the same ones in my playlist to play, but local files are hard to understand. If you don't have a Super Nintendo system, I recommend getting one  even for just this game, but there are so many great games for it, like Donkey Kong Country, Fighting games (Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Killer Instinct), and the Super Mario games, of course.


This is a great soundtrack to drive to, especially when you're in a hurry.

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