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Cant play - Steve Lukather - Ever Changing Times - WHY !!!


Cant play - Steve Lukather - Ever Changing Times - WHY !!!

I can find the Album Ever Changing Times in Spotify using Google. But I cant play any song. WHY!

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I don't know what you mean, by "using Google", but it's grayed out, because it's not available in Spotify as of now. It once was, and it's possible that it may be, again. There was a music request form that Spotify used, but I just noticed that it's no longer available.I saw that someone here posted about contacting the record label of the artist, but that seems unhelpful, because I certainly don't know anything about that. Maybe you do. In the meantime, you could buy the music, to upload as local files, for listening in Spotify. The only reasonable thing that I could find is this e-mail address: info at symbol frontiers . it (Undo the spacing. The information got blocked out. That's why I spaced it out.)


Toto and Steve Lukather management:

Steve Lukather

Contact via:
Steve Karas
skaras at symbol skhmusic . com (Undo the spacing.)


I hope that helps. I just heard a song of his, on the Spotify "String Theory" playlist that I saved. It's called "Journey Through", and it's instrumental. You might like it.

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