Cosbos` CLASSICAL ADVENT CALENDAR vol.1 1.ssember


Cosbos` CLASSICAL ADVENT CALENDAR vol.1 1.ssember


hHELLO! I am in the generous mood and want to share some of my discoveries exploring the fantastic world of classical music on spotify.


I want to make several calenders from different angels, and hopefully inspire people to start or continue their own travel in this wonderfull landscape. But unfortuantly also a world full of multicloned bad quality issues. I think that is a shame since many peoples entrance to classical on spotify goes through those "classical music for relaxing your dog", 100 top classical hits to make your baby want to save for a mustage" and so on.


This autumn the pushing of such issues has exploded. Make up your own mind why, I have my own thoughts. The earlier very usefull composer pages on spotify even started to list OFTEN 100ds of these issues under each year. Here spotify have turned this week, so the 60% trash on f.eks Antonín Dvořák comes later down, but only a few quality records appear under the first year-sorting: the rest comes mixed wit the enormous ammount of trash issues. Those trash issues have improved remarkably in sound quality the last 2 days, at least by me ( I am totaly mad and paranoid, I know, but watch out!: They blur abd manipulate the sound digitaly in a mixing bench! That can pinpointed and be curated for groups or users.


Well, enough anger ( STOP AXING of appfinder and KILLING of Soundrop! )


Playlist net is still a very good sight, but not totally industry-independent I think. But their collections simular to the trash issues ( in name ) can be remarkably good in sound and interresting in collection.


In these dark and cold days I will dayly present 5 of these lists, and 5 counterparts of ISSUES not playlists from the spotify catalouge (in praksis playlists)


Classical Music for Twilight client

Classical Music for Twilight web




Naxos is quality, and as a low-prise label. they started much of a revolution in the 80s and 90s. The days of hype, and limited selection and people running out  to bay bad versions of 4 seasons to the new format cd-s rediciolose high prize compared to vinyl.


Naxos often used brilliant artists and ensembles from eastern europe, but also less known, but in my oppinion at least as good performances from f. eks Ireland and Scottland. They browdened the quality,accessability and richness in every aspect.


This is a very good collection, mostly with 1995-2005 recordings. And the last ten years developement in sound and studio ingeneering is formidable, so its not the cream in that aspect, but still very good, and very good performances, and very varied in style periode and type of work and instruments



 a1-,,--Classical Music for Twilight.jpg


Actually a purchaded issue, 5 hours for 5 pounds. good.


Then you mabe can avvoyd the always digitally blured CLARE THE LUNE (2004, but sounds like 1960, or not really: a strange WRAPPED IN COTTON feel, that I hardly find in any real issue, any time. But you must again forgive my total paranoya suggesting a criminal industry)


5 favourites


Hmm CONSPIRATION! ;-))) Cant make embedded showing of my own. playlists. New last 24 hours.









 5 favorites

















The Original Movies Orchestra




  The Original Movies Orchestra – Hits from Blockbuster Movies (Piano Versions Vol. 1)




a1-,,--Hits from Blockbuster Movies (Piano Versions Vol. 1).jpg 

The Original Movies Orchestra – Hits from Blockbuster Movies (Piano Versions Vol. 1) web


Oh my goud, this is insulting and criminally horrible. Like a pigtald 5 years old --rehersal,only -worse.


-And a funny experiance: Ultr------a-cotton-packed sound...then suddenly quite cleare high tones cutting like knifes out of the right speaker. Check your equipment whoever you are! 


This is no joke! The trouth about lossy versus losless ( Normal people do not hear any differense when the lossy is equal to 190, and sertainly not at 320. ) (so they have to make the lossy sound worce) GREED


SAME PRIcE AS THE BRILLIANT NAXOS ISSUE ABOWE with a 5th ow playing time,and a 1000d of quality!


The swindle grows bigger an bigger in my eyes.


It is not Spotify, it is the industry! Same trash on WIMP. But they are all owned and controled by the industry








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  2 day of the not so long anymore as I am 51 and not a child anymore-waitingtime



So, two new collections, one from, and one from somewere in spotify

Lets se what there is behind the curtain...


OH, Dinnertime!


This one from Naxos guarrantees TALK, and that is a good thing these days with generations growing up with terrible flattening tv-shows. I am surprised that children is born... Perhaps Mary is not the only one with virgin pregnancy?


































Not bad at all, but not as good as yeasterdays twiligt. But to guaranty talking, not listening, I guess it must be a bit musak. Generally good performances. It is NAXOS after all!



5 favourites:



Felix Mendelssohn – Lieder ohne Worte (Songs without Words), Book 5, Op. 62 (arr. F. Hermann): Lied ...






Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – String Quartet No. 14 in G Major, K. 387: III. Andante cantabile







Johann Sebastian Bach – 2-Part Inventions, BWV 772-786: Invention No. 14 in B-Flat Major, BWV 785







Johann Sebastian Bach – Keyboard Concerto in D Minor, BWV 974 (after A. Marcello's Oboe Concerto) (a...





Domenico Scarlatti – Keyboard Sonata in G Major, K.146/L.349/P.106 (arr. for guitar)






SO, let us se what we can find on DINNERTIME on Spotify


A lot......


This one!




  Various Artists – Chilled Dinner Party Classical Moods ( 35 Chill Out Classical Favourites )






Beautiful pieces, some of classical no one pearls like often is the case on these records.

Some fine and some soulless performances, but the sound...... Very blury and cotton wrapped, wery equally sounding with totally different recordings and periodes...

Computer manipulated.





My anti-favourites, all beautiful pieces, so it hurts...



 It feels like sitting in a polstred metal box 




Dennis Russel Davis – Gymnopedies (Arr. For Orchestra): No. 1







  The World Symphony Orchestra – Two Elegiac Melodies for String Orchestra, OP. 34: II. Last Spring






  Nurnberg Synphony Orchestra – Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Major, K. 467 "Elvira Madigan" II. Andante





Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Quintet in A Major for Clarinet, 2 Violins, Viola and Violoncello, K581: I...  






Wurttemberg Chamber Orchestra – Carnival of the Animals: XIII. The Swan





Here I would talk veeery talk to escape.... not romantic at all, YV and classical trash-issues destroy romantismHere I 

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I did mot sleep last night, so my head is like a ballon. Double dose tomorrow folks!

But I will give you 3 of my favourte christmas songs at the moment: (3 different in each callender)


ABBA – Happy New Year




Dora The Explorer – Deck The Halls




Joel Holmquist – Very Funny Christmas

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HellOHello!Hope you are enjoying some good music, perhaps christmas music in the dark days before christmas, at least here in norway.


I do!


Doble dose of mixed playlists today, december the 4.


First wedding collections. on playlist net I found this:


Alive Network: Top 10 Wedding Hymns


from these






A cosy an obviously human crafted list, of generally good quality, exept this:





Mixed together from both real album issues, an other collections.


Sound of Worship


is obviously a trash-"artist" signature, even if they may use quite "good" x-range artists.


The rest are real artists. I love Susan Boyle ! Unpolished, bat rarely beautiful nature given voice. 2 songs! Nice. She hit my heart at least, also with her remarcable sharming personality.


Good, but not great music collectiob, but wedding? I dont know.... Fine sound exept the, specially the first  Sound of Worship -trash


3 favourites:


  Susan Boyle – Amazing Grace


The St Michaels Singers Coventry – All Things Bright And Beautiful




Cat Stevens – Morning Has Broken





But what have spotify searc to offer today about wedding?


Quite randomly, I take this.


Robbins Island Music Group – Catholic Wedding Hymns: Instrumental Piano Songs of Praise and Worship


Not so cotton-like sound, but far from good sound. That was my best comment.


Its so amateurish! Almost midi! Quite possible to make this on the computer keyboard. Totaly flat an bad keyboard playing, so on the computer, by a 15 years old lad.. that is probably where it is made.


Ultimate hyper-trash! Get it remooved, Spotify! At least put in a category of homemade computer-made-15 yers-category!


Here is the "artist" signatures profile on soulseek  Robbins Island Music Group and this is one of the simular artists  Baby Lullaby.....and this tripple Grammy winner: Sleep Baby Sleep (please help me fokusing on this! Its ok that it is there, but it is often pushed on you, and occure first in searches. and you should read this!


All is bad, so What shall I pick!


These 3




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So, the second theme of collections




Classical Relaxation


Long, good handpicked collection, but sometimes the quality intentions are thrown away for whatever reason.

But many good artists, good performances, new and old, therefor natural sound differences.... but then there was this trash...







5 good:  


Sharon Isbin – Greensleeves



Johannes Brahms – Quintet in B Minor, Op. 115 for Clarinet and String Quartet: II. Adagio



Yo-Yo Ma – Three Preludes: II. Andante con moto e poco rubato



Isaac Stern – Sonata for Violin and Piano in A Major, Op. 12, No. 2: II. Andante più tosto allegrett... (beautifull performance, but probably quite old, and ot the best sound. checked 1965... but compare with the trash....)




Gustavo Santaolalla – De Usuahia a la Quiaca good one! but sound really has improved in 10 years!



And 3 trash... but there was to many,!

Their user profile on spotify:



Cyprien Katsaris – Schumann : Kinderszenen [Scenes from Childhood] Op.15 : VII Träumerei



Edvard Grieg – Piano Concerto In A Minor Op. 16



Exam Study Classical Music Orchestra – Debussy - Beau Soir




 Relaxing searcing on spotify:





Various Artists – Relaxing Classical Music


Mostly real artists, not only trash, but....trash









































5 to KILL for




Re: Cosbos` CLASSICAL ADVENT CALENDAR vol.1 1.ssember


5.december already? 


Lets se what collections we find today!


50 greatest!




Brahms, Tchaikovsky & 50 Greatest Classics 


Seems like a user-made  spotify:user:122086844 list from mainly other collections. It is a shame that featured lists have no more quality accuirings from


Some good collections, real artists so far, but no good sound, and then not easy for me to judge performance. This is how aspirant classical listeners meet this heven... The industry are on good way to brake thheir own legs. The knowledge joy and discovering revolution could be a CLEAN lasting goldmine. Have not Naxos learnd you anything?


Its TRASH so I chose 5 antifavourites.





Spotify search:


This one  Various Artists – 50 Hits: Classical Favorites


A lot real artists, but also some  101 Strings OrchestraThe biggest swindle out there! People dont know the infiltration and mixing. They even is well represented in the SOUNDROP classical Room!