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DONDA Reaction and First Thoughts - Dissect with Cole Cuchna


DONDA Reaction and First Thoughts - Dissect with Cole Cuchna

The wait is over, and the ever-enigmatic Kanye West has finally released his latest album: DONDA


As one part controversial pop-culture icon and one part modern music legend, Kanye has drawn crowds both virtual and physical to observe as he puts the finishing touches on what could be his magnum opus. 


After a string of stadium-sized listening parties and mysterious social media teases, DONDA released quietly on Sunday morning. While the music community scrambles to assemble their opinions and reviews on the album, we've got a play-by-play first reaction on the album from the Kayne expert himself-- Cole Cuchna of the Podcast Dissect. So, once you've given the album a listen once, twice, or a dozen times, come back to check out this discussion to help make sense of this huge moment in music history. 

DONDA First Reaction (Live from Greenroom)


Still catching up on Kanye? Good news-- we've got a list of 5 Episodes on Kanye curated by Cole himself to help you navigate the life and times of the world's most infamous rappers.

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