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Discover new unknown artists


Discover new unknown artists

Do you know any way (site, app, code) to get a list of musicians with a little count of listeners? I mean some "chart on the contrary". Or maybe you known how to get it for

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Not really sure besides music blogs when they show artists who have submitted music to them. I believe Pigeons and Planes does that. I don't know what kind of music genres your into but I know of an underrated Hip Hop artist. I'll leave you the link not sure if you'll like him but that's all I got.

Hi! You just want to discover unknown artists, means you ar l'urkin for a list or you want to create such a Playlists yurself?

Btw. I am also a new unknown artist on the contrary end, if you want give it a listen? Thanks!

Doesn't seem there's a direct answer (afaik), best bet imo is to just go down rabbit holes of "Fans also like" section within Spotify, starting from the most niche artist or song you enjoy - all depends on your genre preferences really.

It's easy with metal haha, i had the group/album "Colma" recommended to me today by the app and then found Vaner Versori from there... just had to share because i don't think i've ever seen zero monthly listeners before


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