Do you work for a radio station?

Do you work for a radio station?


Hi I just wanted to ask if anyone works in a radio station and could help me get a few pointers for a great playlist. Please message me on this post.

Please look at my Spotify account first please

Thank you. 


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It all depends on the genre you are trying to find music for. I have curated for Hot 97 Who's Next - a big hip hop radio station out of New York since the 1980's.I have listened to an exceptional amount of good hip hop, and I know what stands out among the good music. If you have a genre that you're most familiar with, stick to that.


Here's an expertly curated Spotify Playlist by Me. I just put it together yesterday. If you can listen to 22 songs, even just half listen, you will notice a few key things that stand out about all these great songs.


  • Lyrics that Say Something New - Is the Artist recycling themes or are they taking a new approach to expressing ideas?
  • Top Notch Instrumentals
  • Authenticity within the genre - Is the sound similar enough to compete with the Top 100 Songs in the same genre? 
  • Artist Charisma - Am I listening to a confident songwriter and artist? Does their music make me feel powerful? Why?
  • Is there a hook? There should UNDOUBTEDLY be an instrumental hook and the best songs have VOCAL HOOKS as well.
  • Is the Artist committed to their craft? Are they interested in growing their career? How?
  • Something grabs you right away - whether it's the smoothness of the sounds, or the newness of the sounds, or the vintage sounds, or really dynamic drums.

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